Rejoice in a welcoming, elegant space with attention to detail just a few meters from a unique panorama.

Breathe in history just a few steps away by staying in large sizes.

Relax with an art book, sipping a tea or coffee available in our refresh corners available in each room.

Our mission is to take care of your stay in all its comforts.

However, we want you to be able to experience Rome in all its aspects by offering you various options, all personalized:

pizza and/or pasta cooking class and food tours  with a guide to  taste our best specialties;

quick “stop and click” car tour to see and then photograph, even with very short stays, the most famous and picturesque places in the city;

vespa/side car tours with driver to fully experience the details and enjoy the Roman sun;

relax in the spa just 5 minutes away on foot;

shopping tour among the most representative brands of Italian fashion in the large malls just outside the city or in the ancient,  small shops in the center;

invigorating experiences on the outskirts of the city with short excursions among art, taste and nature.

We look forward to sharing with each of you the immense treasure that we keep every day for your next visit.